9 Ways to Save Money While Preparing for Baby

Let’s talk money and baby! There is no doubt about it, babies can be expensive. There are ways to cut corners that add to huge savings, though. I honestly haven’t experienced the heavy financial burden of having a baby (yet!) after almost a year. I’m sure the time will come, but I’m enjoying it right now. Here are some ways that I saved a lot of money when it came to preparing for Miss Sophia:

1.       Cloth diapers


I have saved SO much money by cloth diapering! I have spent, maybe $350-$400 on all my diapers. They get us through a week and a half, but I always wash them once a week. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. They are easy to use, affordable, and so stinking adorable. I got most of mine from www.Alvababy.com for $5 a diaper. I did splurge at my local natural parenting supply store once after she was born and we figured out what brand worked best for her. I only spent $9 a diaper there and got a huge discount for buying in bulk. This has saved us a tremendous amount of money because we never have to buy disposables. All her diapers are adjustable, can be worn while potty training, and can be used on our next baby.

2.       Breastfeed


Breastfeeding is obviously free. Not all mothers want to breastfeed, but if you do then I highly recommended jumping over to www.Kellymom.com. It is literally the breastfeeding bible! The lady that runs the website cites all her sources regarding any studies and science. It is a great source for mothers who are new to breastfeeding or have concerns.

3.       Second hand clothing



I am not above used clothing. I found great deals at yard sales, thrift stores, and large community consignment sales. Ross and TJ Maxx have awesome prices as well if you want some new clothing at an affordable price. At the end of a season, Walmart marks their clothing down to just $1-$3.

4.       Skip on the nursery décor

I painted and bought a few things for the nursery, but I definitely didn’t splurge. I think I spent about $40 on paint and $20 for décor. I didn’t see the point in putting a lot of money into a room that people will never really see. My daughter is rarely ever in her room anyways!

5.       Buy just one bottle

If you plan to breastfeed, it would be easy to just keep one baby bottle on hand. There is no point in shelling out money for a huge collection when you can simply wash it after each use.

6.       Coupons/samples


Most doctor offices will have free samples and coupons. Mine always had a basket full of different samples of nursing pads, diaper rash cream, and milk storage bags. The samples included coupons as well. I made sure to grab at least one of each sample every time I was there for an appointment. It probably didn’t equal huge savings, but I think we can all agree that any little bit helps when preparing for a baby!

7.        Sign up for freebies

There are all kinds of freebies out there for new mothers. I had always planned to breastfeed, but just in case that didn’t pan out, I signed up on all the formula websites. Enfamil still sends me free cans of formula and $5 off coupons. I just got a can of formula for 8-18 month olds in the mail (Completely free!). I have received a few Similac coupons, but not a whole lot of freebies from them. Honest company will send a sample pack for the price of shipping. I registered on Amazon for my baby shower and received a “welcome box” full of goodies. I received a bottle, full size baby wipes, Burt Bees body wash, diaper rash cream, and some other samples. It was all free! I highly recommend registering on Amazon.  

8.       Buy big-ticket items used


Look on eBay, Craigslist, consignment/thrift shops, and Facebook groups for the pricey items. I found the baby swing I had my heart set on at a yard sale for only $60. It needed a new motor, but that only cost us $30 on eBay. It was the best $90 I had ever spent because Sophia absolutely loved it! Cribs, bouncers, furniture, and toys can be found for the fraction of the price used. You never know what your new baby is going to like or what will work for you (even if it is the second time around). I’m glad I didn’t spend a large amount of money on baby items because Sophia didn’t like a lot of the things we had bought. For example, she only slept in the co-sleeper for 2 weeks. After that, she couldn’t stand it. I’m glad that I had bought it on clearance instead of paying full price for it.

9.       Buy gender neutral for the big items

I bought most of the pricier items in gender neutral colors so that we could reuse them if we have another baby. That way, we get the most for our money. We do have quite a few baby items that are girly and pink. For the most part, all our baby stuff is gray and white.



2 thoughts on “9 Ways to Save Money While Preparing for Baby

  1. Great post! I definitely agree that having and caring for a baby doesn’t have to break the bank. Wow, I wish we had a natural parenting supply store near us!! I think cloth diapering, breastfeeding and buying things secondhand are KEY to saving money with a little one, otherwise $$ simply flies out the window!!


    • It really doesn’t have to be so expensive. Since I am young and in college, people ask me all the time how we manage to get by. Then they always like to call me a hippy when I mention cloth diapers haha. I don’t think people realize how practical and affordable they are. Not too mention how much better they are for sensitive skin, like my daughter.

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